Connect with people who share similar interests in your neighbourhood


 Now days, you have so little time – you want activities nearby.  We provide free group forums by area – so local people with similar interests will find each other and connect.

For example: maybe you’re looking for a nearby walking partner.  Simply create a “walking group”.  Your group is instantly posted in your community guide and comes with its own discussion forum, event calendar and photo gallery. People searching in your community can find and join you.

Or perhaps there’s an issue in your community and you want to organize a group.  Launch your group in your community guide. In one click, members can invite others to your group and share updates on social media.

From our members:

I live in Kitsilano and was looking for a tennis partner” says Colin, “for convenience, I wanted someone nearby, “I joined the Kitsilano tennis group and found several partners.”

I was looking to play ball hockey nearby, but needed players, so I formed a New West ball hockey group”.  “We now have over 40 members” says Paul.

Participation helps raise money in your community as our sponsors support participating non-profit groups.

If you have a local interest  – start a group right now.  Go to your community and click “Start a group”.

Group examples: Running, new moms, church or faith, newcomers, conversation, photography, cycling, green initiatives, hiking, block watch, residents associations, strata residents, support, activity, singles.

 ***Note: This site is free for non-commercial interests.   Businesses are invited to contact us for sponsorship opportunities. Your support helps local non-profits. 




WHY add your group, club or organization and help support your community