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Overview of site access

There are three levels of access available for members.

Level One access to:

  1. Create or join a group in that community
  2. Make comments on blogs, discussions, news.
  3. Review restaurants, entertainment guide and the “best of” your community
  4. Post an event in your community event calendar
  5. Add a photo gallery to your community
  6. Post classifieds
  7. Take part in polls


All Group features to:

  1. ·         Post a group Discussion
  2. ·         Post a group Blog
  3. ·         Post group News
  4. ·         Add group Photos
  5. ·         Post group Events
  6. ·         Add group Documents
  7. ·         Contact others in your group only
  8. ·         Group administrators (those that started the group) can moderate access levels for their group members.  See example below

Level Two access is easy to gain. Please contact us with your request.

Level Two gives you “live” permissions to:

  1. Post a discussion
  2. Post a blog
  3. Post a News Story
  4. Plus everything in Level One

Level Three is our community manager role and gives “live” permissions to:

  1. Write an article/column
  2. Add a community contest
  3. Create/add new pages
  4. Add a category within menu
  5. Add a sub-category within menu
  6. Plus everything in Level One and Two

  Contact us if you still need help