What is CommunityGuide.ca?

A resource to connect with people nearby who share common interests

This project is designed as a social venture

How can I use it?

1. Start or Join Groups

Join an existing group or start one that interests you.  Each group comes with its own group forum and is promoted where people can find and join you. Examples include:

A Kitsilano resident wanted to find local tennis partners - so he formed a Kits tennis group.  Now he has several partners in his neighbourhood.

A Running group was formed in Walnut Grove and now they have running partners in their neighbourhood

Other ideas:  mom groups, church groups, newcomers, conversation, photography, cycling, green initiatives, hiking, block watch, residents associations, strata residents, singles.  Anything non-commercial is free.

2. Share local information

Post local events, fundraisers, rentals, garage sales, job ads, blog or discussion

3. Support your community

Participate to help us use unite communities to create a self-sustainable resource that gives back to the community. See social venture

Have a fundraiser…post it here and share it via social media.  We may also be able to find you a sponsor.

Use our sponsors.

How do I Create a group?

  1. Register or sign in.
  2. Go to your community using the community search
  3. click “start a group” and load you group information

How do I post items?

  1. Register or sign in.
  2. Go to your community using the community search
  3. Use the green menu at top post an event, or group.

How to contact members of my group.

Post to entire group via Discussion, Event or Blog menu. To contact members directly, click “members", choose a member and click contact. You NEED to be logged in to contact members, post or view a profile. If you’re having trouble, make sure you’ve confirmed your membership via the confirmation email we immediately send you.

Help us grow this group for your chance to Win a Dinner Cruise for two along the Fraser River. To enter, “LIKE US” on facebook.  You can also help grow this group by  “Inviting a friend” or  "Tell a Friend" at top of group home page.

How are your different from facebook?

Local organization

Most of what we do revolves around our own community; the places we go and the things we do. Facebook doesn’t organize groups and events by geographic area in the way we do.

Meet people nearby with common interests. It could be for a game of tennis or someone nearby to go for a walk. We help you meet new people with common interests without having to invite them into your facebook world.

Many groups are hard to find unless people know specifically what you’re looking for. Community groups belong in your community guide, where you can find what's available in your community and who lives nearby that shares common interests.

Social good.

We are a social venture.  Much of this site relies upon users for content - so we believe we should share revenue and help your communities. Our goal is to help local support non-profits.  The more your community participates, the more sponsors and revenue we can generate to put back into your community.


You don’t need to connect your personal profile with your interests in local groups.  No personal information is shared with 3rd parties.

Why add my group or organization?

You may be eligible and recieve a sponsor. See who's eligible for sponsorship.

Promote your organization– Don't be lost among in the crowd on facebook. Attract new people in your community instead of just old friends. You can be hard to find, especially if they don't know your name.  Get listed in your community website where visitors interested in activities in your area will see who you are and what you do.  Your group page is printable and can be used an information brochure. See Example

Online bulletin board- A place to post information and success stories about your organization. Post blogs, news, events, documents and discussions.

A secure online communication system for your organization, large or small – only group leaders can email members.  Email addresses are kept confidential.

Members can communicate without having to send/receive countless emails whenever a member has something to say

Members can choose their settings.  Receive auto updates or choose to check for updates as you like.

Group leader’s can moderate the access level.  You decide if membership is open, requires approval or is a closed membership.

Recruit online– if you choose, members can join online -Remember, group leaders can moderate this.

You can register your group to the community best suited to you.  (Maximum two locations please)  If your group is not specific to any area – and you want to increase awareness – an added place to promote your organization is a bonus.

How can we attract more members to our group?

Use the “Invite a friend” feature

Use the “Tell a friend” button to share events, posts on Twitter or facebook etc..

Post regular updates, events for your group – content attracts members

Request free advertising.  We can promote many of our groups in local newsletter. Make a request and we will accommodate where possible.

What’s different about it?

People want local options. Our focus is local. Most social networking sites have little geographic organization

You don’t have to share personal information. Major social networking sites today seem to follow your every move

Participation helps raise money for your community as we sponsor local non-profit groups and charities.

We’re free.  Some sites charge the group organizer a monthly fee. We us, anyone can launch a group in their neighbourhood without a financial commitment.

Why Advertise or Sponsor?

 See Why Advertise

What isn't welcome?

Content that infringes someone's copyright.

Content that you know to be untrue.

Spam, or repeated uploads that flood the site with duplicate versions of the same or similar content.

Pornography/sexually explicit content.

Content that advocates violent behavior.

Content that advocates dangerous, illegal or predatory acts or poses a reasonable threat to personal or public safety.

Hate Speech/Racially or ethnically offensive content

Commercial/businesses attempting to use the free features of the site to sell their product or service.  If you're a business and would like to advertise. Please contact us for details.


How to use our features - click button


Why register?

Your involvement encourages community cooperation and participation. It aslo helps us grow so we can support groups, charities and organizations in your community.

Share and promote community information without having to share your personal information. Post or host your group activities and promote your activities in your neighbourhood.   NO contact information will be shared or sold at any time to any third party. This website has NOT been designed to bombard you with emails or sales pitches. You decide if you want to be able to receive updates from the community or group you belong to.

Why join a community?

Once you register, join the community you wish to participate with. You must click the "join this community icon" for access to the participation tools in that community. See above: why register

Why did you make this?

Communities are more than a single residents association or any one organization. We are a collection of all individuals, cultures and organizations within – who share a powerful common bond - geography. Here's where all of you can gather, learn about each other, unite and share common interests.

CommunityGuide.ca  provides free information sharing websites for communities across the country.  Your community website will not require any computer programmers to run and everyone in your community is free to use it. We then use your website to help raise money for your community.

How do share community information?

You can share information by posting events, discussions, reviews, photos, form and join groups within your community.  You can even get more involved in adding or shaping the content of your community website by contacting us. We help your community become more self-sustainable by encouraging a "Circle of Community Support".

Is there a cost?

No…if you're not a business. But there are free resources for business such as free rental ads, job postings. Restaurants are welcome to post their business to restaurant guide and entertainment industry is welcome to submit paid entertainment events. Businesses can also contact us to sponsor a non-profit group or club.

Who can use it?

Everyone. Individuals, groups,clubs,organizations and associations are free as long as they are NOT a commercial/retail business attempting to use the website for free advertising.  See examples below:

                           Yes                                                                                    No

                    Non-profits                                                     Joe Realtor posting an open house (except for sponsor)

                   Activity groups                                                         Fan club of ABC company

                        Clubs                                                           A business posting a sale or promo event

                Local fundraising                                                              Spam of any kind

                 associations                                                      Anything deemed unethical / poor taste

                  Political parties                                                Anything that promotes illegal activity

                 Block parties                                                        A business forming a group such as " Joe Auto Sales group"

                Religous groups 


                ***Garage sale ( please post to classifieds and not to a community event)****

                 ***Remember - All participing user's are automatically eligible for prizes


What about privacy?  

NO contact information will be shared or sold at any time to any third party. This website has NOT been designed to bombard you with emails or sales pitches. You decide if you want to be able to receive emails from other members.

Are residents going to be bothered by email spam or other solicitations?

No. We may notify you of changes to our site on rare occasions only. You can decide if you want to sign up for alerts in your community.

How is this different from our City website?

We are Very Different! City websites provide information on city services. We're a community information sharing resource.  We allow more user participaction and content flexibility.  You can post or host your group activities and meet others nearby by who share a common interest.  For example: You can start a Green initiative or a block party! Or Use our site to organize or promote your group, recruit others and plan your activities.  Whatever your interest you can launch & promote it on our site for free.

Another big difference is geography. Your city website is for the entire city.  As we know - cities can be very different from one neighbourhood to the next. Your community website is dedicated completely to your specific geographic neighbourhood or community, large or small. Each community has its own needs, goals and identity.  Your new community website will allow the user to share ideas, connect with others and so much more.

Our community association has a website for the neighbourhood?

Great, then we can help you because we share the same goals - make your community a better place to live. You now have a tremendous new resource for any community association.  You can promote your association in our neighbourhood associations section.  Without any computer skills you can:

             Convey your message

             Promote your activities

             Recruit volunteers and members

             Post documents

             Post Photos & record achievments

            Connect with one another and other community residents

            Post discussions and invite others to comment

            Share ideas and get others involved in those ideas

            Conduct community Polls

            Share ideas and co-operate with other communities across the nation

Use us to encourage more participation in the community and reach those not involved in your residents association.

If you are a member of your community association and would like to have more input into your new community website, please contact us. We would love to have you input.


What do I do with my OLD WEBSITE?

You can maintain your existing website while using our website to take advantage of all the features mentioned above. If you would like to retire your old website and transfer your domain and other information to your new community guide website we can help make the transition quick and easy. You can spend your time & money on your community goals rather than hosting and maintenance costs.

Our community has a Business association website.

Great, we can help them too. If you are a business association – see instructions for residents association above. Business associations do a lot of good for the community; most focus on ways to improve business for the business community. We're for all residents and all interests of the community…everyone can get involved.

Are you a non-profit organization?

NO. We are a social venture. Our mission is to build stronger communities and a private company gives us the flexibility to grow with the needs of the community. It also eliminates any worry of funding cuts. There is no financial burden to the tax payer and we hope to provide positions of employment where people are providing a service to the community.

What are your community boundries?

Our site has been designed for both small and large communities. Smaller communities within a city; such as Kitsilano in Vancouver; Kensington in Calgary  and Cabbage Town in Toronto will all have their own website.   There will also be city and town websites as required.


For help on how to use this site click here