Exiting announcement for all communities

MyCommunityGuide.ca is proud to announce the largest community website platform ever developed.  Designed to host & supply all communities across Canada, large & small, with a powerful content management website absolutely free.

Website Creator Paul March says “Everything about this venture has been about connecting people and uniting their community.” In today’s fast paced world, people seem less likely to initiate a greeting with others when they move into a neighbourhood. We’re not likely going to knock on the door of the family five homes down the road just to introduce ourselves.  They could potentially be people you love to meet, or other than geography, people you have nothing in common with.  It’s ironic that maybe the best way to meet your neighbour now days is online. We help you find others in your neighbourhood with whom you share something in common, without having to share your personal information.

There are many features that facilitate this, for example:

Local clubs and associations are encouraged to list their organization on your neighbourhood website. Neighbours can easily find you; learn about your activities and even join your club. (See why list my organization)  There are no size restrictions or official requirements to get started. So if you are only looking for a tennis buddy in your area, you post a neighbourhood tennis group to see who else wants to play. You could be a new mom looking to connect with other new moms, or you want to launch a neighbourhood green initiative or fundraiser.

Your new website can also be used to reduce crime in your neighbourhood. (See: How to reduce crime in your neighbourhood)

Other features include:

  1. Promote & plan community activities: How to promote my activity 
  2. Organize a Fundraiser: How to organize a fundraiser
  3. Share ideas: How to share ideas?
  4. Post free classifieds: How to post a free classified
  5. Conduct community Polls: How to conduct a poll
  6. Write, post articles, provide information, photos and more: How to help build your community website
  7. Start a group/club/association: How to start a club
  8. Convey your message: How to get my message out
  9. Recruit volunteers and members: How to recruit members and volunteers
  10. Post discussions, blogs and invite others to comment:  How to post blogs, discussions
  11. Promote your club/group or association: How to promote my group/association
  12. Fight crime: How to fight crime

There will be a very limited amount of advertising on the site. A portion of the ad revenue will go to communities and organizations that get involved in their community. The more we grow… the more we can help. As Jerry Maguire would say “Help me - Help you!”  See: Learn how you can help

For more information about how to get more involved in the building of your community website. Contact us:

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