Your community is a collection of individuals, cultures and organizations who share one common bond - location. CommunityGuide.ca is where you find and learn about each other, unite and share common interests.

We also partner with sponsors to raise money for groups and organizations in your neighbourhood.  Both residents and business will benefit from this win-win opportunity that’s completely self-sustainable.

How it works

We've built a community network where everyone can participate. Join groups, post events, garage sales or promote what’s happening in your community. Our unique features allow you to form community groups and connect with those who share your interests. For example: A Kitsilano resident recently launched a Kits tennis group. See: Kitsilano tennis group

There are increased levels of access for those who want to be more involved in shaping their website, such as through adding news stories, video and discussion topics.

Community benefits

Raise money
By participating, you help raise money for your community.  In partnership with us, advertisors are encouraged to sponsor local non-profit groups and fundraisors. We call it our business hero program. It could be money for your child’s soccer team, a women’s shelter or to raise money for your community project. See how you can be eligible for community sponsorship. 

Reduce NeighbourhoodCrime
Let us help you start or promote your crime prevention programs and unite residents in the fight against crime.  We'll promote your crime prevention group in our community newsletters and online. Yes, this is free. Let us help you educate your community about your programs and their benefits.

We connect people with their community.
In today’s world, and especially in larger cities, people aren’t always open to talk to strangers, even in their own neighbourhood. So perhaps it’s a bit of irony that maybe the best way to meet your neighbour is online. The group area of each community guide will help you find others in your community with whom you share something in common - without having to share your personal information.

Our group features are especially useful for individuals that are community leaders such as a blockwatch captain. Use our easy to use group platform to do everything for your group.  Promote, Organize, recruite – you name it.

Promote your community.  Strengthen your enconomy.
CommunityGuide.ca is an excellent resource to share information and attract people to do things locally for both residents or visitors. We encourage residents to shop locally and promote businesses who give back to their community.

We can help you – and you can help us

  1. Start or post your community group or organization in your community guide. There are no size restrictions. You'll make it easy for others to find and learn about you. It also gives us the chance to find you a sponsor.
  2. Add your blockwatch, residents association or crime prevention group to your community guide.
  3. Post your events, garage sales, employment or rentals ads in your communty guide.
  4. Spread the word - Use our social media features to share our groups or events on facebook and twitter.
  5. Write for us. Tell us what you love about your community for our “Best of community” section.  Post an event; write a short piece about something in your neighbourhood or send us a community photo. Get involved as much as you like. Click here for more information on how to get involved.  Everyone who gets involved is eligible to win prizes from our sponsors.
  6. Support your local clubs, charities and organizations by using our sponsors. These people committed to supporting your community - Let’s support them back.

A summary of the website features include the ability to:

  1. Start a community group
  2. Join community groups
  3. Post local events and entertainment
  4. Post garage sales, rental or employment ads.
  5. Raise money for non-profit groups or organization
  6. Find local deals
  7. Promote your club/group or association
  8. Participate in community contests/giveaways
  9. Research new places to live, search homes for sale or rent
  10. Fight crime
  11. Write articles, share information, photos and more
  12. Post community discussions and invite others to comment

To learn more about our features and how to use them click here

For more information about how to get more involved in the building of your community website. Contact us